Custom-Written Cold Emails for Your Business

BEFORE: You're trying to send cold emails, but getting no responses. Open rates are below 20% and your reply rates are even worse.

AFTER: Prospective clients are replying to your emails, you're booking video calls, closing new business and you've got a big smile on your face. :)

Your business needs email replies like these...

Firing Squad can help

Because of COVID-19, getting access to C-suite execs has never been easier. Their excuses are less; No travelling for weeks on end. No 3-day culture workshops. No traffic. No lazy lunches. They are sitting at home, just like you.

But how do I get in front of them?

You need a personalised set of cold emails that not only gets you opens, but more importantly, replies.

Cold calling, SEO and online marketing campaigns aren't going to cut it anymore.

Firing Squad will write you a set of personalised cold emails that will get you results. Or your money back.

Firing squad cold emails

The Firing Squad 4-Step Process

Pick a cold email writing option

We've got 2 very simple cold email writing options. Pick one that you feel would work best for you.

Book a call with us to go over everything

We need a Zoom call with you to understand your business, what challenges you have, problems you solve and who your ideal client is that we're going to be writing to.

In 7 days, first email draft delivered

Within 7 days you'll have the first draft of your personalised cold emails. We'll share it with you via Google Docs.

Feedback and changes until you're happy

Give us feedback via Google Docs and we'll keep tweaking and re-writing until you're 100% happy! We don't keep track of the number of rounds of feedback.


Choose an option that works for you...

3 emails in the sequence
Email sequence timing
5 Subject lines to test
No A/B test emails
BUY NOW ($480)
Business premium
$580 $650
6 emails in the sequence
Email sequence timing
20+ Subject lines to test
Additional A/B test emails
100% money-back guarantee
BUY NOW ($580)

What type of businesses would work best for cold emails?

If you're a B2B business, cold emails work great for starting business relationships and helping you book sales calls. Want someone to attend an event? (virtual or in-person) Perfect for that too. Even B2C businesses too, however you would need a good email list to make it work for B2C.

How does your 100% money-back guarantee work?

If you send our cold email sequence to 100 prospects and don't receive a single positive reply, we'll refund your money. Just contact us and we'll sort you out, no questions asked.

I don't have an email list. Can you help me build one?

Yip, we can definitely help with building you a list of your ideal clients, so that you can use our cold emails to book yourself sales meetings. Get in touch!

How many days should I wait between sending emails to a prospect?

The number of days between emails does depend on who you're emailing and what your goal is for the emails. Usually we wouldn't want to send emails less than 4 days apart. But don't worry, we'll create you the perfect email sequence timing to go with your emails.